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Frequently Asked Questions


How was the location selected or sourced by the club?

Given our urban location, land rarely becomes available and affordable to the club with the proper zoning. The Club’s Development Committee over the past 10 years have explored many options and the location represents the best opportunity for the club to develop new facilities that are badly need by our club but also, by the local community.

Does the further delay of the N6 Galway City Ring Road decision impact on the planning permission application being made by Salthill Knocknacarra GAA?

No, we do not believe that our planning permission application will be impacted by the decision on the N6 Galway City Ring Road. The Club retained leading engineering company, Tobins Consulting Engineers to assist in putting together our planning permission application and as part of this process, we consulted with Galway County Council.

How does the Club propose to improve the local road network as part of our application?

As outlined, the Club proposes to improve the local road network by upgrading the local access road which will also encompass incorporating a new path and cycle way on this road thereby making it safer for road users, cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, an independent Road Safety Audit was completed to ensure that there are adequate lines of sight at the proposed entrance to our new facilities. We also engaged consultants to conduct a full traffic count on our adjoining road and the local road network that service other existing sporting facilities and local clubs.

Will there be any impact from the floodlighting locally that will be provided as part of the new facility?

The Club plan to install top of the range floodlighting on both of the pitches planned on site and the modern technology that is available for such lighting minimises hugely reduces the glare and spill from such lighting.

When does the Club hope to have the new facility up and running for the local community?

Subject to a successful planning permission
application process by the club to Galway City
Council that may take up to 6 months, we hope
to start construction in late 2023 with the
goal of having our facility available for the local
community in late 2024 / early 2025.

What funding does the Club need to raise to meet the cost of building the new facility?

The Club needs to raise approximately €1.3
million to mobilise the building of the new
facility and will be launching multiple fundraising initiatives to raise these funds. We are asking the local community to support and we will also be looking for support from all our public representatives for any grant aid or finance that they can provide.